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We all know how expensive it can get for  owners of  boats to keep their vessel just sitting on the hard or in the slip while they or their brokers find a new home for their vessel, having a boat on the market that is overpriced or not ready to be sold, increase the costs of keeping their boat in the long run; monthly slip fees, storage fees, mortgage payments, bottom cleaning, general maintenance, insurance payments, etc, they all add up and in the end puts less money into the sellers pocket.

If you are considering working with a broker in finding a new home for your vessel, here are few things you should consider…

Status of Documentation

We like to do things right and it is very important to do things right by both sellers and buyers, taking them through a nice and smooth sales process will make them both happy and THAT is our main goal, this is why before we  list a boat we  go very carefully through all documents that will be needed in order to complete a sale, we make sure our boats have all current documentation we need to complete the sale.

Current condition of boats

The condition of the vessel is the key for finding a new home for it, it is seller’s responsibility to have the boat in good shape, cleaned and looking good for our prospective buyers, this include an open communication with their broker regarding the current condition of every item to be listed as part of the sale, Honesty about the condition of items on the listing is what is important to us, we will share all this information with our clients and we need to know the real condition the boats are in at the moment of signing of the listing . 

Preparing boats for sea trials

Owners know their boat know their boat better than anyone else this is why if a sea trial is requested that the seller be the one to get the boat ready for sea trials and also to be present  during the sea trial. Buyers always have questions that only sellers have answers to.

There is no doubt that no one will ever know more about a boat than the owner, it is crucial for us to have the boat ready to go in the water to demonstrate all of her system and how they perform to our buyers, we as the brokers will assist in anything we can to make things happen but without sellers help and willingness to do it things can fall apart fast, boats need to be cleaned, engine checked ahead of time, rigging and all systems in working order

What input do you need from your listing agent?

We brokers are here to help finding a new home for your vessel, we will guide you and walk you through every step of the process, listing and selling are the two steps we will both work together. While taking pictures and go over the equipment list with the seller we can go over the boat at the same time looking for items that might make the boat more attractive to a buyer.

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