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15 years of expertise in yacht ownership in Mexico, this is how we are doing it

La Paz Yachts are the experts in yacht ownership in Mexico. We sell more boats in the Sea of Cortez than any other brokerage around. And we’ve been doing this for 15 years and going strong. This is how we are doing it.

  1. We care about your dreams. Cruisers are, above all, dreamers, and dreams come true through effort and yes, some help of lady luck. Yet we are here for you in that final extra-mile to achieve them. For us your dreams are a serious matter.
  2. We try to make yacht ownership a breeze. Dreams aside, and just as keeping it a-float, we know owning a boat is an all hands on deck job as well. We are here for you to go through that extra mile with you step by step. No workarounds, no cutting-corners, and we have a large menu of trusted up to date legal, customs, insurance and registration advisors looking forward to guaranteeing you a secure vessel ownership with a no-hassle approach.La Paz Yachts is the gateway for your boat to the global market..Our outreach program with the main dealerships in the world makes it easy to scout for the perfect boat for your needs, this works likewise if you need us to find you the right kind of dreamer to own your vessel.
  3. La Paz has almost any nautical service you might need. From a fender to a state of the art lithium-ion energy center. You can get any repair or upgrade to refit your boat for the blue-water journey of your dreams.
  4. La Paz has a tradition as a sailing-friendly destination. The bay is home-port for hundreds of cruisers year round. We are just days away form the next Baja Ha-ha, an event like no other in the world with the zaniest approach possible at sailing the the warm waters of our little harbor making it a great way to start friendships that we’ve seen endure for years.
  5. We live in paradise! Location location location, La Paz is the doorstep to the Sea of Cortez, which holds within the most perfect cruising grounds you could imagine. Turquoise waters, white sand beaches, great fishing, awesome marine-life encounters and incredibly friendly people await you in calm anchorages all along our southern California. A place with higher security rates than the rest of the country, and if you let us be honest, more secure than some parts of the States too.
  6. Margaritas, a must. Mexico is another country, another culture, and has another life-pace. But there’s also a great deal of fiesta, great drinking, five-star restaurants at rates you won’t even believe, and so much more.

What about sailing from the Sea of Cortez in these just listed turn-key vessels?

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